Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chester C. Weber On the Road to WEG

I want to congratulate Mary Sheerin, the winner of the Charles Owen helmet, during the silent auction at the Iron Horse CDE. Proceeds from the silent auction were donated to Habitat for Humanity and also helped promote SUCCEED's Riders4Helmet Awareness Campaign and our spin on the helmet topic "Drivers4Helmets". 

My team and I are on the road traveling at this time. We participated in a mandatory USEF hosted outing for the four-in-hand driving competitors at Cedar Lane Farm in Oldwick, New Jersey. James Fairclough, Tucker Johnson, Josh Rector, David Sanders and I trained with our coaches Peter Tischer and Michael Freund, while in New Jersey.

Every detail of our training and performance is under close scrutiny. We are confident the team is on course to peak at the Games. All aspects of training up to this point have been very exciting and we are also mentally focused to put forth our best. 

So as they say...let the games begin!!

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Lorraine said...

Congratulations Chester! Saw you in person at the WIHS a couple years back and have been following a bit of driving and your successes ever since. Bring home the gold for good old USA- We'll be rooting for you!