Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chester C. Weber Blog

What a great year this is turning out to be. My team and I are in full swing preparing for this summer's events.  We have made the decision to train and compete in North America this year and prepare for WEG. It was a difficult decision, we love competing in Europe but I feel that training and competing here is a smart decision. I have had the chance to compete under several European judges throughout the season and we feel confident that this is the best for the team. 

This summer my team is planning to compete at Garden State (CAI Allentown), CAI Bromont, and Iron Horse CDE in Illinois. These competitions should be a great opportunity to help us reach our goals and keep the horses at their peak.

While I am busy schooling the horses at home I recently attended school and spoke to the Exercise Physiology class of the Equine Studies Department at Central Florida Community College. I summarized to the students my training and conditioning program for my horses, and explained in detail my feeding program, cardiovascular conditioning and how I keep my horses sound through post-exercise therapy and regular veterinary evaluation. It was a great experience to help influence the future of the horse industry.

In other exciting news, my team will be featured in a new Cosequin ad that will be in magazines soon. All of my horses have been on Cosequin since 1996 and I cannot be happier with the results.


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